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LadyPinkPanther (LPP) is a content creator, gamer, and voice actor with over 100k+ followers and 23+ million views across various social media platforms. LPP is also the Senior Procurement Manager at Aftershock Media Group, where she has facilitated strong and impactful relationships between game developers, advertisers, influencer talent, and gaming communities. In addition to her work at Aftershock Media Group, LPP attended the Esports Awards representing the company for their back-to-back nomination for the supporting service of the year award, further showcasing her expertise and dedication to the gaming industry.
LPP is a pioneer in promoting psychological safety online in the mobile gaming industry through the Sapience Online movement. With a background in Psychology, LPP has been a guest speaker on mental health for content creators and the mobile gaming community.As a voice actor, LPP has recorded scripts for radio, commercials, commentary, brand pitches, audiobooks, and e-learning videos. LPP has collaborated, judged, and played in many distinguished content creator channels and with game developers such as Supercell, Amazon, Tencent, Niantic, and others.For business inquiries, please contact Follow LPP for updates on gaming, psychology, and fashion blogging.--
Perceiving responsibility does not mean to live your life in pretense.
Only to interpret the choices and decisions as a lesson to be learned that can only improve ourselves.
A collection of my writings live here.

a collection of writings

color me in

your colors seep into
every fiber of my being
once a blank slate,
now exalted by your light &
enhanced by your darkness,
i'm drawn into you
enraptured in your charm &
seduced by your smile,
you melt into the woven cloth
of my existence
sparing no blank space
no piece of me left without,
conquering all my doubt
i'm drawn into you
delicately you stroke
your pigments of intent
by blending hues of purpose
brushing onto me by steady hands
palms i want to hold
body to keep me warm
a soul held with promise
drawing with your eyes
you color me in
our bliss is the spotlight
that will shine on this
monument of you and me
in your corner, there i'll be
victoriously by your side
for this canvas that you cherish
where i will remain
drawn into you
-kristi lane

november 2020

it was me

It started so cool
It was my kingdom you ruled
Lucky for me I was the one who you choose
It was me who said yes
to your disastrous wreck
I didn’t know it
How much your anguish was transparent
Retained your faulty fables on merit
(You’re right) it was me,
Picking you off of the bathroom floor
You downed another bottle always wanting more
It was me, when you were a mess
Passed out in the parking lot barely dressed
(You’re right), it was me,
Beneath you as you fell on your chest
Crying about your anger like its a warriors crest
My bloods turning blue
The love you had was untrue
Lucky for me I wasn’t
The one who you choose
It was you who said yes
That the whiskey was best
I didn’t know it
your poison was for the numbing
your character assassination
its not affecting me
and im here & im numb
& you treated me like im dumb
and you’re there
real scared
promising possibility.
crossing your fingers behind your back.
Begging & pleading
to get me back no I can’t
No I won’t
I can’t go
To Florida where
Sunshine can heal our sores
Beams of light gushing into our pores
But it was me, it was me
Who said stop the pour
If poison consumes you
I want no.. more..
You’re right, it was me
you’re beneath me at my feet
Misleading misery
And now I know it
You’re right, it was me
You were never meant for me
Moved on & now I am free
And now I know it
You’re right, it was me
You’re beneath me in defeat
Deceitful suffering
Now I know it
- Kristi Lane

may 2023

branded embers

she gave out her heart
like she'd never run out
trusting like they've earned her
but the only plan was to burn her
scorched women turn to ashes
like they didn't even happen
the flakes of their existence
sprinkle around, they glisten
their faces decay in their minds
they move on, not missing any time
branded by our embers
damaging their skin
making them remember
the warmth they remit,
staining where they've been
scattering layers of cinder
laying a path not so tender
façade, smiles that beam
but we shine brighter,
we are a team
reminding you of the hate
you feel within
the screaming in your head
of a heart that'll never mend
we're gone, yet we will always be here
fueling a heart that'll always feel fear
-kristi lane

march 2022

alluring deception

stood naked before you
all that i am, true
my heart in my hand
conveying it to you
the ghost of a man
drowning in poison
i didn't know then
all your grand gestures
were played by the actors
it wasn't you there
you argued with voices
you wanted & chose to
screaming your life doubt
punching the walls out
but i was right there
you cherished the bottle
pushing full throttle
angry at strangers
kept me in danger
until you fell there
the lies & the cheating
you kept my heart bleeding
choking in air like a sauna
you searched for the trauma
wanting to live there
stuck in this cycle
we lived in denial
you promised me better
then went & felt her
gone, i no longer was there
kristi lane

december 2020

damaged goods

I’ve had many boys in my ring but no man in my corner
I’ve set people at ease but I’ve never been left calmer
I’ve had palms across my face but no hands to embrace
I’ve sprinted towards allegiance but left alone at the race
I’ve had words pour poison but no distilled voice of worth
I’ve held people in the clouds but never levitated off the earth
I’ve had promises wrapped with ribbon but no offering to obtain
I’ve been let down but never led up to sustain
I’ve been merciful but left with out vindication
I’ve desired love but been bestowed under condition
I’ve given chances but I’ve never been risked
I’ve been forgotten but I’ve never been missed
I’ve felt the heat of the sun but no warmth on my skin
I loved people for who they ought to be not for who they are within
I’ve been loyal to storms that don’t end in my kiss
I’ve plunged all-in only to be submerged in an abyss
I’ve fallen for facades that bear no home
I’ve had people beside me but I’ve always felt alone
I’ve been filled with vacancies that keep me hollow
I’ve stood behind a leader but with no one to follow
I’ve relied on others who won’t keep me fulfilled
I’ve been knocked down yet I always rebuild
I prioritized strangers leaving myself on the shelf
I’ve been a lot for others but never enough for myself
-kristi lane

december 2020


i want a man that receives
miss me messages from his exes
as he looks down at his sleeping lady
he blocks her number to not betray me
we could crash & burn with just one text
yet he kisses my hand promising to protect
succumbing vulnerability we do not spar
sans treachery, we'll travel far
he'll never lead us lost or tainted
he'll have our canvas forever painted
-kristi lane

december 2021

pink sky

my hands are open for you to keep
on this train where i'm rocked asleep
hold me like the ocean detains the sun
keep me warm so i'll resist to run
the distant waves carry the pink sky in blue
cradled by the sea the sun fades out of view
-kristi lane

december 2021

letter to her

does she know how you'll keep her spinning
starts as a dance, she'll never be winning
charming twirls leaving her dizzy
mental games keeping her busy
you're not the guy she'll ever know
you're not the man helping her grow
you'll fool her, use her
poison her brain
anchoring her in sustain
singing without tone
she'll be grateful, thankful
that you'll leave her
dancing on her own
-kristi lane

december 2021


here we are again
over as quickly as it began
the spiders web has spun
barely lost in you, you won
nearly slipped out of view
deception I thought I knew
stuck in your grasp
numb by the time lapse
myself becoming wrapped
drowning now i’m trapped
in your silky spiral of lies
with you I’m paralyzed
i fight hard to recognize
i’m not doing this again
this will not become a trend
it’s over as quickly as it began
-kristi lanedecember 2021

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